Fearless Conversation: How Can We Be Fully Faithful When We're Fully Flawed? Starter Set
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A bold approach to studying the Bible.
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Discussions from 1-2 Samuel, 1 Chronicles, Psalms.

Includes 13 weeks of thoughtful conversation about the human condition based on 1-2 Samuel, 1 Chronicles and Psalms. Topics include, "Is it okay to complain to God in prayer?" and "What's my story in God's eyes?"

This set includes 1 Leader Guide and 5 Participant Guides. PLUS, the Leader Guide includes an activation code to access FREE digital copies of both guides!

Leader Guide includes all the lessons, notes, and Bible commentaries, plus additional tips and resources for the leader.

Participant guides include Bible commentaries, discussion questions, and all the Scripture readings (NIV) for each lesson.
Lesson 1: What does it mean that “The Lord looks at the heart?”
1 Samuel 16:1-13. (Samuel anoints David as the future king)

Lesson 2: What do I do when God’s people are enemies of each other?
1 Samuel 18:5-16. (Saul tries to kill David)

Lesson 3: Is it okay to complain to God in prayer?
Psalm 142. (David prays while running from Saul)

Lesson 4: What is God’s role in war and politics?
2 Samuel 5:1-10. (David conquers Jerusalem and consolidates his kingdom)

Lesson 5: Why is God so violent?
Psalm 21. (David rejoices at the establishment of his kingdom in Jerusalem)

Lesson 6: David was a liar, adulterer, and murderer… so why is he a hero of our faith?
2 Samuel 11:1-12:14. (David sins with Bathsheba)

Lesson 7: If God forgives me, then why do I still get punished for my sins?
Psalm 51. (David’s prayer after his sin with Bathsheba is exposed)

Lesson 8: What do I do with my sorrow?
2 Samuel 18:9-19:8. (The awful end of Absalom’s rebellion against David)

Lesson 9: How do I handle betrayal?
Psalm 41. (David’s prayer during Absalom’s rebellion)

Lesson 10: How can I know, and pursue, God’s promise for my family’s future?
1 Chronicles 17:1-15. (God promises that David’s son will build the Temple)

Lesson 11: What’s my story in God’s eyes?
Psalm 30. (David’s testimony in a song of dedication for the Temple)

Lesson 12: What does God want my legacy to be?
1 Chronicles 28:1-20. (David’s last public acts)

Lesson 13: Why does it feel like God sometimes doesn’t keep the promises made in the Bible?
Psalm 1. (Promises for the righteous and the wicked)

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