Uncommon Wisdom From the Other Side (download)
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By Tony Myles

Ever wish your ministry hindsight could be your foresight? Sometimes you don’'t know what'’s about to happen next —or how to prepare for it. Other times you can almost glimpse the lessons you'’re about to learn the hard way before they happen, like you'’re peering through the tiny panels of a fence. You can barely make out what you see, but you know something important lives on the other side.

What if someone was on that side of the fence? What if it was a senior pastor who truly understands what you face as a youth worker, —and who not only understands, but wants to offer wisdom to help you in your journey? Tony Myles speaks from a unique perspective: a former youth pastor who remains deeply engaged in his church'’s ministry to teenagers. He still has skin in the game as a lead pastor, volunteer youth worker, and dad of a youth group kid. He regularly interacts with students and sometimes even gives up preaching on the weekend so he can teach youth.

Instead of recycling what'’s common, this book reclaims things that are uncommon: —thought-provoking questions, risky challenges, and uncomfortable ideas about personal character, church life, and youth ministry. And you'’ll process all of this through the life of Nehemiah—, with extra insights from youth workers who are on the same path you'’re traveling.

Uncommon Wisdom From the Other Side will give you the chance to change the typical youth ministry conversation happening at large and in your church, —all with the goal of remaining glued to Jesus and reaching a generation of young people.

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