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One of the best parts of youth ministry is getting to watch your students grow up and grow closer to Jesus, but they eventually outgrow your ministry and move on to other things! The good news is, you don’t have to send them out into the world empty handed!

This graduation gift set includes three resources filled with college Bible study lessons that will help your students continue to grow in their faith long after they've left your ministry!

— 99 Thoughts for College-Age People
— Creative Times With God
— Live Large. Be Different. Shine Bright.

College is the perfect place to encounter these Bible lessons for young adults.

99 Thoughts for College-Age People

The transition from high school to college is usually the most dramatic in young people's lives. In this humorous and thought-provoking resource, Chuck Bomar offers up pearls of wisdom gained over years of personal and professional experience. It's great as a graduation gift, as a college freshman small group discussion starter, or as any number of other uses. However you put it to work, you'll be sure to save some young adults some pain, money, and from foot fungus.

Creative Times With God

Let's face it—a lot of kids think the Bible is boring. Creative Times With God breaks the mold on how students can dig into God's Word. Part devotional, part Q&A, part journal, part critical thinking exercises, and part woolly mammoth, it helps students who don't fit the mold discover the Bible as the relevant, life-changing book it really is.

Live Large. Be Different. Shine Bright.

Somewhere along the line, an expectation has crept into church youth groups that once you begin to follow Jesus, you just magically turn into a completely mature Christian. Well, that's just not true! In Live Large. Be Different. Shine Bright., Doug Fields and Joshua Griffin share about some important character qualities that will help teenagers live large, be different, and shine bright.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By April D
Richmond, VA
October 29, 2015
"The graduation packs make great gifts for seniors who are ready to head off to college. I take the time to inscribe a personal message about how proud of them I am and that they can pick up the phone and call/text any time."
By Daniel S
Oklahoma City , OK
October 29, 2015
"I love these books... however, I don't use them all for graduation. I give the 99 thoughts one to our graduating seniors each year and have gotten decent feedback. The creative times with God I use for middle school students just starting to have a quiet time and they love it!! its so fun and diverse for a young attention span-challenged age group!"
By Sarah P
Wayne, IN
October 29, 2015
"The perfect gift for graduating seniors! Equipping and empowering them to not be spoon fed anymore when it comes to their faith, but to go out and dig for it on their own! Our prayer and goal for high schoolers in our ministry is that when they graduate from high school, they won't graduate from their FAITH! The statistics are against us, but Jesus is mighty and for us! Buy this bundle for your seniors!"