KidsOwn Worship Kit - Winter
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It's church... just for kids!
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KidsOwn Worship didn’t become the world’s most fun, faith-filled children’s church by following the status quo. Preschoolers and elementary children in harmony? Kids praising God in their own way? Lessons kids actually remember? KidsOwn Worship does it all!
Teachers love KidsOwn Worship because it's easy to help kids worship God in their own way.
  1. Worship and praise time - Kids will learn and sing fun and worshipful songs to Jesus.
  2. Learn the Point! - Kids get to be actively involved in learning and experiencing the Bible Point.
  3. Prayer time - Kids reflect on what they have learned, and thank God through prayer.
KidsOwn Worship Is designed to meet your needs whether you have 5 Kids or 500, 30 minutes or 60.
KidsOwn Worship is easy! Your leaders will feel like pros thanks to the in-depth Children's Church Leader Guide. Kid-cool crafts and activities are all in the box and incredible music is waiting for you on DVD and CD. This means all of the details of your program are taken care of, allowing you to focus on changing hearts through powerful worship time.
KidsOwn Worship is "Volunteer Light" Have a group of 30 or fewer children? You'll only need two leaders-one to present or lead worship songs and the "Let's Learn the Point" activities, and the other to gather supplies and help children with their individual needs. With just one quarterly kit you are ready to help children grow closer to Jesus.
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD--this contains a small part, small ball or marble. Not for children under 3 years.
Here's what your kids will learn this quarter:
Every week preschool and elementary kids will experience a Bible Lesson and discover an age-appropriate truth—called a Bible Point.

This quarter's lessons include: Jesus Is Born (Luke 1:26-38; 2:1-20), Disciples Follow Jesus (Mark 1:14-20), Jesus Calms a Storm (Mark 4:35-41) and more!

With the purchase of this kit, you have access to these FREE KidsOwn Worship® digital resources at
  • FREE digital copies of the Teacher Guide in Word and PDF format. You can customize the Word documents so that any lesson fits the needs of your ministry. Sharing lessons with busy volunteers couldn’t be easier!
  • FREE weekly FamilyConnect pages you can print out or email to parents to help families grow together in faith throughout the week.
  • FREE digital copies of the KidsOwn Worship Preschool Skits Book in Word and PDF format.
  • FREE digital copies of the KidsOwn Worship Song Lyrics in Word and PDF format.

KidsOwn Worship® also works great with FaithWeaver NOW® and FaithWeaver Friends®. All three programs follow the same scope and sequence and explore the same weekly Bible passages.
Each quarterly kit includes:
  • 13 engaging, flexible sessions for both preschool and elementary kids—all in the same box!
  • Leader Guide—13 creative 30- to 60-minute programs and lots of helpful, practical tips.
  • Songs from FaithWeaver CDAll the songs you'll need for an entire quarter, plus electronic files for use with graphic presentation software. The CD also includes an eye-opening PowerPoint Show! Get extra copies to send home with families & reinforce Bible learning at home.
  • Sing-along and discussion-starter DVD—These 2- to 3-minute interactive segments spark great discussions!
  • KidsOwn Worship Sing & Praise DVD— Lead worship with kid-friendly music videos—or extend the learning when families get one to take home.
  • Interactive gizmos & teaching tools—Every kit includes unique hands-on gizmos that engage the senses and bring Bible stories to life.
  • Preschool Skits Book—13 complete scripts each quarter make preschool puppetry easy—even for the first-timers! Use this Preschool Skits Book along with our huggable Theophilus the FaithRetriever™ puppet to help preschoolers explore the week’s worship theme. Buy extras and team teach!
(Theophilus the FaithRetriever is available separately.)

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Q: What dates/months are covered in the winter kit? Also, is there a DVD available for the story or is it verbal only? Dates covered? Dec. - Feb. or Jan. - March? I would like a visual option for the weekly story. Is there one available here?
Asked : Jan 08, 2018
By : Brenda, Murphy
A: Our suggested dates for the Winter Quarter are December, January, February. There is a DVD that will have the music videos, and then in the Winter Quarter, there is a DVD that has short "Talk About" Videos. Some will be the Bible story, some will be more of a life application video. Please go to to view a sample of the curriculum including a sample Music video and sample Teaching or Talk About video.
Answered : Jan 09, 2018
By : Robin
Q: No summer Sunday School... What would you suggest for churches that don't do Sunday School during the summer quarter? I really love how this curriculum goes through the bible from beginning to end but we don't have Sunday School in the summer, so I'm trying to figure out how to still incorporate all the lessons...
Asked : Nov 07, 2017
By : Christine, Ontario
A: The best option would be to go ahead and purchase the Summer Material when available, as well as the other quarters if you want that complete Scope and Sequence of this program. You can use them as you need. You would just need to make sure to purchase them while they are available. Once the quarter is past, the items will no longer be available.
Answered : Nov 07, 2017
By : Robin