FaithWeaver NOW Middle School Leader Guide - Fall
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Resources include options for learners to select which activity—called "Adventures"—they would like to do as part of their Bible study. NOW includes a FREE, EDITABLE digital copy of the Leader Guide!
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FaithWeaver NOW is the Sunday school curriculum where families explore the same Scripture each week.
What makes FaithWeaver NOW special? No doubt about it, the world is changing. Families used to go to church every week. Kids used to have longer attention spans. Leaders used to have more time to prepare. And didn’t our budgets used to be bigger?
Even the Sunday school Bible curriculum you used just a couple of years ago is already out of date. But there’s one thing that’s never changed: the need to grow families closer to Jesus.
That’s why we created FaithWeaver NOW, and it’s different from anything you’ve ever seen before!
Create a vibrant family ministry that’s new…that’s wow…that’s NOW. FaithWeaver NOW gives you a fresh strategy for being more successful than ever in bringing families closer to Jesus.
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Help middle school learners make choices for life!
The middle school years are full of choices. FaithWeaver NOW helps your middle school learners make real-life choices as they face life's big adventure.
Middle School Leader Guide equips you to lead this age level. Because choice is so important to this age group, resources include options for learners to select which activity—called "Adventures"—they would like to do as part of their Bible study.
With the purchase of this Teacher Guide, you have access to a FREE digital copy in Word and PDF format at You can easily customize any lesson to your ministry using the Word version. Sharing lessons with busy volunteers couldn’t be easier!
This quarter's lessons include: God Creates Adam and Eve (Genesis 2:4-22), Abram Follows God’s Direction (Genesis 12:1-8), Isaac Is Born (Genesis 21:1-6) and more!
The "Adventures" include activities that meet the needs of different learning styles and interests: drama, writing, music, art, discussion, and more. Directions for these student-led "Adventures" are included in the Student Book.
FaithWeaver NOW Sunday School:
  • Age-appropriate lessons make it easy for families to talk about faith at home.
  • DAILY CHALLENGES—give teens a faith that weaves into their lives.
  • WEAVING FAITH AT HOME—each week, students are encouraged to talk to their parents about what they’ve learned.
  • BIBLE BACKGROUNDS—gives leaders a deeper understanding of the Scripture for their own spiritual growth!
  • JESUS CONNECTION—and life application of the study—to help leaders reflect and pray!
  • LESSON CHART—makes organizing the study and supplies easy!

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Q: Is this for 2017? We have fall 2016 looks like this one? How do I order the books too is there a kit that has leader book and student? I need about ten? Also we used this last year is this one for 2017? Thanks for your help
Asked : Jul 31, 2017
By : Brandy, Philomath
A: This, this is for Fall 2017. The books will look the same each year and quarter, you just need to watch for the specific quarter designation such as Summer or Fall when ordering. We will only have the current year's material available at
Answered : Jul 31, 2017
By : Robin