FaithWeaver NOW Grades 5 and 6 Student Book - Winter 2021-2022

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Use this 2-in-1 student book as you teach FaithWeaver NOW Grades 5 and 6 curriculum. This student book includes both in-class and take-home papers for each lesson. You’ll need to order one per child.


In the Winter FaithWeaver NOW Grades 5 & 6 Student Book, find Sunday school activities that reinforce the Bible point in your lesson. These Winter Sunday school books for 5th and 6th graders also offer “What I Learned Today” segments, which provide an overview of the Sunday school lesson for the family to review together.

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The Winter 2021-2022 FaithWeaver NOW® Grades 5 & 6 Student Book provides preteens with in-class and take-home activities that help them apply the Bible to their real lives at church and throughout the week.

2-in-1 student books include the in-class portion on the front of each page and the take-home activities on the back!

This Sunday school resource is guaranteed to make a difference because…

  • Each student book activity helps reinforce the Bible point as preteens get involved with an in-class experience.
  • “Family Fun" gives preteens an easy-to-do chance to spend time with parents—and reinforce the lesson again at home!
  • “In the Bible” provides an overview of the lesson for the family to review together.
  • “Daily Challenge” helps preteens weave faith into life each week as they follow through on the challenge.
  • “The Word for the Week” gets preteens reading their Bible every day!

You’ll need one student book per preteen.

Product Detail

FaithWeaver NOW Sunday school curriculum is designed to strengthen today’s families while weaving faith into their busy lives. As families learn the same Bible truths—in age-appropriate ways—the result is more naturally occurring faith conversations and practical real-life applications. Available for 10 age levels from infants through adults.

Learn more about FaithWeaver NOW HERE.

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Age Level
11-12 Years
Grade Level
Grade 5-6/Elementary/Preteen
Product Format
Student Resources
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FaithWeaver NOW Grades 5 and 6 Student Book - Winter 2021-2022