FaithWeaver NOW Grades 3 & 4 CD - Fall
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One CD is included in each FaithWeaver NOW® Teacher Pack—purchase extras to simplify team teaching!
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FaithWeaver NOW is the Sunday school curriculum where families explore the same Scripture each week.
What makes FaithWeaver NOW special? No doubt about it, the world is changing. Families used to go to church every week. Kids used to have longer attention spans. Leaders used to have more time to prepare. And didn’t our budgets used to be bigger?
Even the Sunday school Bible curriculum you used just a couple of years ago is already out of date. But there’s one thing that’s never changed: the need to grow families closer to Jesus.
That’s why we created FaithWeaver NOW, and it’s different from anything you’ve ever seen before!
Create a vibrant family ministry that’s new…that’s wow…that’s NOW. FaithWeaver NOW gives you a fresh strategy for being more successful than ever in bringing families closer to Jesus.
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These CDs help you lead memorable moments in your FaithWeaver NOW® lesson. They include songs and sound effects.
Need extra copies of the FaithWeaver NOW Grades 3&4 CD? Having extras comes in handy when planning for additional programming times. They also make great gifts for kids at the end of the quarter to remind them of what they learned. 
One Grades 3&4 CD. Tracks include:
1. Welcome to FaithWeaver NOW™ Bible Curriculum
2. Genesis 1:1
3. This Is My Father’s World
4. Adam and Eve, Part 1
5. Adam and Eve, Part 2
6. Adam and Eve, Part 3
7. The Serpent Speaks, Part 1
8. The Serpent Speaks, Part 2
9. The Serpent Speaks, Part 3
10. Your Word in My Heart (Psalm 119:11)
11. Newsroom Noise
12. Brotherly Love (Romans 12:10)
13. Life on the Ark
14. All His Promises (Psalm 145:13b)
15. Trust in the Lord (Proverbs 3:5-6)
16. Do to Others (Luke 6:31)
17. Let’s Make a Deal, Part 1
18. Let’s Make a Deal, Part 2
19. Let’s Make a Deal, Part 3
20. Got a Reason for Livin’ Again
21. Believe It or Not!
22. Laugh It Up
23. Rejoice in the Lord Always (Philippians 4:4)
24. Hagar and Ishmael, Part 1
25. Hagar and Ishmael, Part 2
26. Hagar and Ishmael, Part 3
27. God Is Our Help (Psalm 33:20)

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