Buzz Value Set - Winter
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Group’s Buzz® Value Set includes one kit from each age level...a $550 value!
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Getting more volunteers—and keeping them longer—is something you don’t have to worry about anymore.

Volunteers love it because it's easy. Kids love it because it's different every week. YOU'LL love it because…
  • Buzz is perfect for busy volunteers. Since all they prepare is their heart, you’ll never burn them out.
  • Buzz keeps kids’ attention with Bible stories they haven’t heard before—those less often told but just as memorable. Children learn in their own style, and they choose which way the lesson goes.
  • You simply open the box and go. Teachers follow the lesson step by step, experiencing God's Word together with the kids.
Group's Buzz Sunday school curriculum gives you everything you need to be a super success. And best of all, you’ll bring kids closer to Jesus!

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – this contains a small part, small ball or marble.  Not for children under 3 years.
The instant Sunday school—where all you prepare is your heart!
  • 5 Age Levels: Preschool, Pre-K&K, Grades 1&2, Grades 3&4, Grades 5&6
  • Scope and Sequence: 2 years
  • Format: Classroom setting
  • Length: 45–60 minutes
Group’s Buzz® Value Set includes one kit from each age level...a $550 value.
Kits included in Value Set:
  • Family Tree: preschoolers (3- and 4-year-olds) dig into families in the Bible. They’ll learn about Jesus’ family, Moses’ family, and Ruth’s love for Naomi. Best of all, they’ll discover how they can become a part of God’s family!
  • Gracias: 5- and 6-year-olds explore answers to prayer and thankful responses in the Bible. They’ll learn about a leper who was healed, a miracle baby, a song about God’s love, and the greatest gift of all: Jesus. And kids won’t just hear the Bible stories—they’ll apply them as they learn how to be more thankful!
  • Twists ‘n Turns: first- and second-graders navigate the twists and turns of Bible stories where God turned bad situations into good outcomes! Kids will wait for the Messiah with Simeon and Anna, watch as Jesus heals a blind man, travel with Abram as he rescues Lot, and discover how God restores Job.
  • Paradox: third- and fourth-graders discover strange-but-true miracles throughout the Bible. Kids and their leaders will explore Elisha and the floating ax head, a ghostly hand writing a message on a wall, and a false god bowing to the Ark of the Covenant. Amid all these spectacular events, kids will be amazed by God’s power at work in their own lives.
  • Whozit?: fifth- and sixth-graders search God’s Word to discover who he really is. Kids and their leaders will be enriched by learning about God the Great “I Am,” our Solid Rock, and Jesus the Good Shepherd. As kids discover who God is, they’ll learn more about how they can rely and depend on him.
Group’s Buzz® Value Set includes one kit from each age level...a $550 value

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