Hands-On Bible Curriculum--Bible Big Books, Ages 3&4: Jesus' Birth
Item 9781559454285
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Bigger is better with Bible Big Books! An impressive 16X20 inches, these are storybooks everyone can see even from the back row! Each book is beautifully illustrated, a memorable, kid-friendly telling of a Bible story you want your children to know and remember. And Bible Big Books are easy to read aloud because text is reproduced on the back cover.
8 pages
20" x 16" softcover

This Bible Big Book tells the story of Jesus' birth.
1 Bible Big Book.

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Q: I ran into this wonderful "Big Book" at my Church, Is it written by Jennifer Root Wilger? Please advise, thanks, Katie Who is the book written by please?
Asked : Jan 10, 2017
By : Katie, Escondido, CA
A: Yes, the author if this Bible Big Book is Jennifer Root Wilger.
Answered : Jan 11, 2017
By : Robin
Q: Where do the the wise men appear in this version of the nativity story? If i purchase this book I just want to make sure the story is accurate and the wise men are not depicted at the manger. Thank you. Donna Hutcheson
Asked : Nov 14, 2016
By : Donna, First Baptist Church Orange Park
A: On the last page of the book it shows the Wise Men up on a far hill following the star. It does show Mary, Joseph and the Christ child in the manger scene. The scripting you would read on the back cover of the book in reference to the Wise Men says: ...After a while, Wise Men came to visit Jesus. They had followed the star from a place far away, and the star led them to Jesus. They brought him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They knew that Jesus is God's Son, promised long ago and they had come to worship him.
Answered : Nov 14, 2016
By : Robin

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