6-Minute Messages For Children
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52 Children's Devotions for Any Occasion Not Available In Canada
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By Donald Hinchey

Bring children closer to God--with a whole year's worth of Bible-based sermons just for them.

With 6-Minute Messages for Children, you'll use creative activities to get kids involved. These children's semrons will teach unforgettable lessons about...
  • God's love
  • Living in God's family
  • Serving others
  • Faith
  • Stewardship
  • Forgiveness
...and dozens of other topics.

Each kids sermon uses simple, meaningful words even very young children understand. You'll teach as Jesus did--using common, everyday objects to help children know God, follow Christ, and love one another as they learn to apply the Bible to their daily lives.

Each of these fun, active-learning messages takes only minutes to prepare. Use thse sermon ideas to create unforgettable children's moments in Sunday worship...or at camps, retreats, and other special events.
95 pages
6" x 9" softcover
The great Swiss thinker Karl Barth will long be remembered for his many volumes of careful and complicated theology. Late in his life, when Barth was asked for a simple summary of his theology, he allegedly smiled and responded, "Jesus loves me. This I know. For the Bible tells me so."

The deepest truths of the Christian faith shine their brightest when they’re presented plainly and simply. Jesus uses mustard seeds, shepherds and housewives, and the simple faith of children as models for life in the kingdom of God.

This sequel to 5-Minute Messages for Children attempts to follow Jesus’ example by presenting life in the kingdom of God in the most simple and active ways. Rather than requiring children to study the truths of the faith, these messages lead children (and eavesdropping adults) to experience and apply those truths to their lives.

Why Children’s Messages?

Churches and other faith communities that regularly include children’s messages in their worship and teaching hours have found that this brief time spent at eye level with God’s little ones brings immense rewards:

* Children learn and grow! Children don’t always learn the same way adults learn. Children’s messages can teach important truths in ways kids understand.

* Children are affirmed. By setting aside five or six minutes to speak to our children, we let them know they’re valued. Every children’s message says implicitly, "You know, you kids are pretty important. We think you’re great!"

* The gospel takes on new meaning. Children’s messages challenge us to reshape and re-present the "old, old story" in a new package. Even adults will be refreshed...

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