KidsOwn Worship Extra Preschool Skits Booklet – Summer 2021
Item 9781470763770
Filled with 13 different skits, the KidsOwn Worship Preschool Skits Book is the perfect addition to the week’s worship theme.
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Preschoolers love skits. Use this Summer 2021 KidsOwn Worship® Preschool Skits Book along with Theophilus the FaithRetriever™ (or your own puppet) to help preschoolers explore the week's worship theme. Skits book contains 13 skits.

The best way to lead KidsOwn Worship is to purchase the KidsOwn Worship Summer 2021 kit. One skits book is included as well as a leader guide, music videos, lesson videos, and a variety of interactive teaching tools you'll need to get the most out of your lessons. Check it out here.

(Theophilus the FaithRetriever is available separately.)

KidsOwn Worship® helps you create a fun and powerful children's church experience. It's perfect for churches that have everyone together (preschool–6th grade) in one room. With this children's curriculum, you'll help kids learn to experience God through a weekly Bible point, fun activities, and engaging worship.

Learn more about KidsOwn Worship HERE.

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