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Hands-On Bible Curriculum Grades 3&4 Extra Teacher Guide – Summer 2021
Item 9781470763688
Your guide to 13 creative Sunday school lessons for grades 3&4 with step-by-step instructions to help you capture the attention of every child!
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The Summer 2021 Hands-On Bible Curriculum Grades 3&4 Teacher Guide contains 13 creative lessons that help you capture the attention of every child! This Sunday school Teacher Guide includes a variety of options for 30-60 minutes of Sunday school such as story time, activities, crafts, games, and more.

One Teacher Guide is included in each quarterly Grades 3&4 Learning Lab. Order extra copies so each teacher can have their own Teacher Guide.

In addition to the weekly lesson content, you’ll find:

  • Age-level insights to help you understand Grades 3&4 developmental stages and what they’re able to do and understand at this age.
  • Teacher Enrichment to help teachers understand the Bible basis and pray for the upcoming lesson.
  • An at-a-glance look at the lesson to give teachers an understanding of what the kids will do and what supplies they’ll need.

Throughout the quarter, third and fourth graders will learn Nehemiah Prays for Jerusalem (Nehemiah 1:1–2:9), The Jews Rebuild the Temple (Ezra 3), Job Angrily Tells God How He Feels (Job 3), and more! View the entire scope and sequence HERE

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Hands-On Bible Curriculum is a quarterly, age-graded curriculum for toddlers through 6th graders. Teaching as Jesus taught, Hands-On Bible Curriculum helps kids experience powerful connections between Scripture and everyday life by engaging all five of their senses. Watch as the Bible comes alive!

Learn more about Hands-On Bible Curriculum HERE.

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