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FaithWeaver NOW Adult Handbook - Summer 2021
Item 9781470763350
This 13-lesson resource serves as the participant booklet for Summer 2021 FaithWeaver NOW Adult Sunday school and small group classes. Purchase one for each adult in your class.
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The Summer 2021 FaithWeaver NOW Adult Handbook serves as the participant booklet for FaithWeaver NOW Adult Sunday school and small group classes. This 13-lesson Sunday school resource weaves transformative discussions into every lesson and encourages participants to grow in their relationships with God and others.

The FaithWeaver NOW Adult Handbook equips adults to follow along in memorable, life-changing studies.

You’ll learn together with—and from—other adults who wrestle with the same issues you do. Together, you’ll work through those issues and give each other brand-new insights into how to weave faith into your life. You’ll have fun learning together. You’ll discover things you never knew about yourself, about each other, and about God. You’ll laugh together, and you may cry together, too. But most importantly, you’ll discover how to weave faith into your life and walk with God for a lifetime.

See the What’s Included section for more details about this adult Sunday school curriculum for Summer.

You’ll need one adult handbook per participant as you teach from the FaithWeaver NOW Adult Leader Guide.

FaithWeaver NOW Sunday school curriculum is designed to strengthen today’s families while weaving faith into their busy lives. As families learn the same Bible truths—in age-appropriate ways—the result is more naturally occurring faith conversations and practical real-life applications. Available for 10 age levels from infants through adults.

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Here’s what you’ll find in your Summer 2021 FaithWeaver NOW Adult Handbook—including how to use each piece to get the most out of each week:

BIBLE BACKGROUNDThis is a more in-depth look at the week’s Bible passage. Adult participants use it to gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

THE JESUS CONNECTIONThis brief devotion will help adults think through how this week’s study applies to their lives and how to pray about this week’s point.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONSThese are the questions participants go through as a group and the specific passages they’ll look at. Use this page to follow along during the study.

DAILY CHALLENGEHere participants will have some options for how to apply each study to their lives. They’ll mark the one they choose as a reminder to live out their faith.

TALK TOPICSSeveral thought-provoking questions to bring up with their friends, family, or co-workers during the week.

THROUGH THE WEEK—Participants study a passage on this week’s point every day! There are even some great questions for them to journal about as they consider what the Bible has to say to them.

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