Help! How Do I Know God's Will?
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A portable, practical guide with real-life suggestions for discerning God's will. Not Available In Canada
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By Mikal Keefer

The secret to knowing God’s will…
…is knowing God.
When it comes to making big decisions in life, all of us want to know God’s direction. But what happens when we pray and don’t hear an answer or the path seems confusing and overwhelming? Help! How Do I Know God’s Will? is a portable, practical Christian discipleship book that offers creative, real-life suggestions for discerning God’s will and remaining open when his answers are different from what we might expect.
You will…
  • Be relieved to discover you’re not the only one who struggles with confusion and doubt.
  • Find increased confidence in decision-making as you discover God’s heart and learn to listen for his voice.
  • Be encouraged as you see your prayers for guidance answered in both expected and unexpected ways.
  • Discover practical ideas for discerning God’s will when faced with big decisions.
Easy to gift! Help! How Do I Know God’s Will? is part of a new Jesus-centered series of practical guides that make natural gifts for adults and teens wanting to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Collect and share the whole set!

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88 pages
5" x 7" softcover

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(based on 2 reviews)

By Kim
Center Moriches, NY
March 06, 2019
"This book is such an easy read, but don't mistake that for not challenging, because it is!! I thoroughly enjoyed this study and have grown. I am recommending it to anyone who would like to grow in their faith or would like a resource to help others to grow! GREAT FOR MENTOR-SHIP!!"
Garfield, NJ
August 28, 2020
"Sooo good! I just finished reading it! Super helpful and thought provoking In helping In the journey of following Jesus and really listening to him! I love the practical suggestion to live a life of pausing, paying attention, having patience in the waiting and jumping in on the right time!"