DIG IN, Life of Jesus Companion DVD: Quarter 1
Item 9781470739034
DVD copy of the Music Videos and Talk-About Videos from Digging Into the Life of Jesus, Quarter One.
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Get all of the Music Videos and Talk-About Videos from Quarter 1 of the DIG IN program, Digging Into the Life of Jesus delivered in a handy DVD format. Use this DVD if your classrooms are equipped with a standard DVD player attached to a TV or projector.
Music Videos make it a snap to add a worship element to your DIG IN program. Motions and on-screen lyrics make learning new songs a breeze. 10 Music Videos included.

Talk-About Videos engage visual learners and help them connect with the week's Bible point. 13 Talk-About Videos included.
Music Videos:
1. God Loves Us So
2. He Loved Us First
3. His Great Love (Romans 5:8)
4. Hope in the Lord (Psalm 33:20)
5. I Believe (John 1:12)
6. Nothing Is Impossible (Luke 1:37)
7. Ready to Serve (Deuteronomy 13:4)
8. We Can Trust Him (Psalm 33:4)
9. You Are the Messiah (Matthew 16:16)
10. You Gave (John 14:19b)

Talk-About Videos:
1. Al Risket, Stuntman
2. Karl, Light of the World
3. Waiting for Cookies
4. Kings and Kingdoms
5. Sticky Story
6. John Baptizes Jesus
7. The Temptation of Jesus
8. Reflections on Change
9. Riley's Story
10.Nicodemus on the News
11. Monster Love
12. Von's Story
13. The Man on the Mat

These are the same videos available for free download with a DIG IN subscription: Digging Into the Life of Jesus, delivered in a convenient DVD format.

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