Brave Cave: Cyclone Maker
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At the Wild Weather Cave, kids learn to trust God, even when things--like the weather--are unpredictable. They see how a cyclone forms and get their very own Cyclone Maker (to be used with 2-liter plastic bottles at home).  Ages 3+

You'll need a few for the cave experience, plus one per child.

Package of 10

Not available in Canada

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Q: Do you put water in both bottles and how much Not sure how to use this.
Asked : Nov 05, 2016
By : Pappy, Bethany Felton
A: You fill just one of the 2 liter bottles about two-thirds full. Be sure to remove any plastic rings that may remain on the bottle opening. You can add food coloring or glitter as well. Then Hold the bottom bottle firmly and grip the top bottle and spin in a circular motion for about 3 seconds. Right the bottles and this should start a cyclone effect in the bottles. Repeat if necessary.
Answered : Nov 07, 2016
By : Robin
Q: How does the cyclone maker work? How does the cyclone maker work?
Asked : Sep 21, 2016
By : Wanita, Faith Community Church
A: The Cyclone Maker if used in the Wild Weather Cave station of the Brave Cave Fall Festival. It works with 2 2-liter bottles to create a funnel or "cyclone" in one of the bottles.
Answered : Sep 22, 2016
By : Robin

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