Sweet Life Cafe Women's Retreat Kit
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Sweet Life Café is a place where women slow down and savor time with God and each other.
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Divided into six sweet sessions, women will worship, study the Bible, laugh, pray, and have personal reflection time with God. They'll leave Sweet Life Café nourished by the Bread of Life and satisfied by the sweetness of God's Word.

Highlights of Sweet Life Café include:
  • Guided worship, uplifting music, and small-group discussions that keep women engaged throughout
  • A laughter-filled skit that makes a point about trusting God
  • A special gift pendant and activity that provides affirmation for each woman
  • A unique devotion kit to use for personal time with God
  • A meaningful service project that will allow participants to extend sweet encouragement to others
Retreat Kit Includes:
  • Director Guide
  • Worship Leader Guide
  • 6 Session Leader Guides
  • Media Pack with training DVD, graphics CD, and worship instrumental CD (you'll also receive a digital zip file with goodies to share on social media)
  • Samples of individual participant items: Participant Guide, Sweet Pendant, Sweet Time With God Devotion Kit, Sweet Life Tote, Pen, Music of Sweet Life Café CD
Sweet Life Café is a complete retreat for women of all ages. It includes worship, Bible study, a service project, and more. No speaker is needed—it’s super easy for you and your leadership team to do this retreat yourselves! You can do this retreat at your church, at a hotel, at a retreat center, or even in someone’s home. The theme will work no matter what your location is. Sweet Life Café is created as a 24-hour or overnight retreat, but you’ll find tips in this guide for ways to shorten or lengthen it to fit the needs of your group. It’s flexible and easy.

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Q: Is it absolutely essential indeed, to buy the "essential pack"? Purchasing essential packs for each participant would drive up the cost of the retreat considerably, and I find it misleading to present your product as a Retreat Kit when it really isn't complete; that additional items must be purchased to complete the experience. (For context, we just did the Lavender Spa themed retreat, and I was dismayed to find that so many other things needed to be purchased. We skipped on the little gift bags and pendants and bought a few things separately and improvised to save money, but it took more mental effort, time and planning). So I'm wondering if the essentials pack is truly essential, or optional. I'm worried the mini-devotional kit might have content necessary to get the most out of the retreat.
Asked : Nov 12, 2017
By : Retreater, Nebraska
A: The Retreat Kit is the foundation of each retreat. It has all of the session manuals and content. We include one sample of the participant items, so you can see if they are something you would like to use. We cannot include a quantity of those items in each kit as it would, 1. Drive the price of the kit up, and 2. We do not know how many women you will be serving in your retreat. The Essential Pack includes the Participant guide which we encourage you have for each participant to be able to journal their responses in each session. The Pendant is given out in session 4 as part of a meaningful personal experience and the Devotional kit is also used in session 4. You certainly can choose to adapt the program as you may have done with the Spa retreat. We provide these items to enhance the program and the interactive engaging experience for the women who come.
Answered : Nov 13, 2017
By : Robin
Q: I woul like to know how long is every sesion, and what the lessons are about. I would like to have more information and see if I can used it in our monthly women meeting.
Asked : Aug 20, 2017
By : Karen, Sanford nc
A: Session 1 runs approximately 1 1/2 hours. Sessions 2 - 6 have a running time of approximately 45 minutes each. If you proceed to our Women's Ministry page and "Explore" Sweet Life Cafe, you will be able to download samples and see what the sessions will be covering. You will also be able to download an overview. https://www.group.com/category/ministry-resources/womens-ministry/retreats.do
Answered : Aug 21, 2017
By : Robin

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January 24, 2018
"The kit contains all the materials you need and it is laid out well and easy to follow. My one complaint is in regard to the publicitiy materials, especially the bulletin insert and flier. The area available for personalization does not allow for changes of font or size of font. The bulletin insert appears to be in landscape format but will only print in portrait making it unusable. Also I did not find the clip art to be useful or helpful. This was disappointing."
February 27, 2018
"We (our Saturday am group) just held the Sweet Life Cafe retreat at our church. We had a good time doing it and the ladies that joined us all enjoyed the day. Our first time to attempt anything like this. The program is well laid out and easy to follow. We were all able to do our session and did not have to "wing it". Not sure if this is the first annual or the first and only but would highly recommend this retreat. Participants got to know new friends and share. "