When the Crown Cracks
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By Sophia Joy

We are daughters of the King and royal crown-bearers in his kingdom. But even princesses experience times when life’s not a fairy tale and our royal crowns seem cracked and broken.

Fortunately, God can repair our cracked crowns and heal our pain. When the Crown Cracks walks through a process of repair with encouragement, comfort, and action. Following Bible verses and practical steps, we can learn to trust God even in the hardest circumstances and discover his perfect happily ever after.

When the Crown Cracks includes 28 daily devotions, each focusing on five action areas that build trust and faith:

Read and reflect on Bible verses that show how much God cares for you and wants to hold you through challenging situations.

For princesses with a cracked crown, these simple reminders will help you respect yourself, your feelings, and God.

O--Outward Thinking
The simplest way to make life seem a little easier is to lend your hand to someone else by taking a moment to remember life exists outside your struggle.

Physically release stress while giving yourself a natural boost from an elite endorphin rush with these workout suggestions.

Pass over the bonbons--it's time to focus on foods that improve your mood and claim your princess

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136 pages
5" x 7" softcover
About the Author: Sophia Joy has been blessed with full joy and appreciation for life and loves to share that perspective with anyone who will listen. No Pollyanna, she has learned to work through pain that makes a poisoned apple sound appealing. Through every struggle and fear, however, she has found that wearing her daughter-of-the-King crown brings peace into any circumstance.

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