8th Grade
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By Lars Rood

Eighth grade marks the culmination of your middle school/junior high years. Finally, you'’re at the top of the heap, the pinnacle at your school!

But it only lasts one year—--and then suddenly you'’re knocked back to the bottom of the food chain as a freshman. Yikes! But don'’t worry: You can lead well in the few short months you get to do it. How does that happen? By following Jesus, leading yourself, and then leading others.

8th Grade: Leading the Way With the "Real You" will show you how you matter, your choices matter, and your contributions to your family, friends, and church matter, too. As you go through this 30-day devotional, you'’ll be challenged to think honestly about who you are and what drives you--—but you'’ll also have the chance to ask other people for input and feedback on how you can grow, mature, and lead.

You can have an impact right now, during your eighth-grade year—--you don'’t have to wait until you'’re older!

74 pages
6" x 9" softcover
Lars Rood has been involved in youth ministry for 20+ years, and it has been an amazing ride. A featured writer/speaker, he loves to be with students and families, as well as teach youth workers and seminary students. Lars and his family live in Washington state, where he is an associate pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue. You can follow his life at larsrood.com, twitter.com/larsrood, facebook.com/larsrood.

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