Hands-On Bible Curriculum: 3-Lesson Mini-Kit for Pre-K & K (ages 5 & 6)
Item 9781470713706
An easy, inexpensive way to try out a Hands-On Bible Curriculum
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Now you can "Teach as Jesus Taught!®"
Jesus used everyday objects-—a mustard seed, a fig tree, a lost coin—to teach his disciples the truths that would change the world. With Hands-On Bible Curriculum, you can teach as Jesus taught, using fun surprises that children can touch, see, and smell to relate eternal truths they won’t forget.
  • Easy Planning - Your mini-kit includes a Teacher Guide and tons of active-learning tools to teach three engaging lessons.
  • One-Point Teaching - Each lesson focuses on one specific Bible Point through a variety of activities. Children remember what they’ve learned weeks and months later. 
  • Solid Bible Learning - Your children will learn and remember important Bible lessons that develop Christian values and character.
  • Flexible - The photocopiable handouts and take-home papers included in your Teacher Guide make it easy to accommodate fluid class sizes.
This mini-kit includes three dynamic lessons, Teacher Guide, music & story CD, and tons of fun gizmos. It’s a great way to experience Hands-On Bible Curriculum quarterly Sunday school, which covers toddlers through 6th grade.

Inside the Pre-K & K mini-kit, you’ll find everything you need to teach your class these three important Bible lessons:
  • Creation: God made us and our world (Genesis 1:1-25)
  • Noah: God is in charge and sad when we do wrong (Genesis 6:5-17)
  • Abraham: God wants us to trust him (Genesis 12:1-5)
You’re going to love it...and your kids will, too!

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