Spiritual Gifts Discovery
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Unlock Your Church's Potential With Spiritual Gifts Discovery
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With Spiritual Gifts Discovery You’'ll:
  • Help volunteers discover their gifts and get connected to the right ministry.
  • See more success in your recruiting.
  • Empower people to know how God has equipped them.

  • Spiritual Gifts Discovery Brings You...

    Online Gifts Discovery— With the easy-to-use online assessment, your volunteers and entire church will discover their own spiritual gifts and better understand how God has uniquely wired them to serve. Plus, you’ll know their gifts, too, so you can equip them and plug them in where you need their gifts. The assessment is mobile friendly, too!

    An Easy to Manage System— This simple online management and tracking tool will allow you to invite people to take the assessment, view results, and more.

    Training Tool— Our training guide allows you to present a workshop designed to help you equip your church to use their spiritual gifts.

    Graphics for Your Website— Make knowing spiritual gifts a priority by placing a button or banner on your website that links to the Spiritual Gifts Assessment.

    3 Easy Ways to Take the Assessment: Print, Online, and Mobile.

    Learn more about what Spiritual Gifts Discovery can do for your church here:

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(based on 1 review)

May 14, 2019
"My church is really embracing this! We like the ease of use & that people can take a paper assessment, online, or use their phone. However: 1. When entering a manual assessment you are required to put in an email...there are still people who do not have email accounts. I had to contact customer service to discover the work around for this. 2. 4 choices in responses isn't enough and causes too many ties in results 3. There should be a separate assessment for grades 7-12"