Grapple Preteen Sunday School Pak Volume 7 (Spring)
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Help preteens grapple with the real questions in their lives. Not Available In Canada
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Grapple® Preteen Sunday School—Help preteens grapple with the real questions in their lives so they OWN their faith.

Grapple Sunday School Curriculum features:

  • NEW lower price
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE - all lessons are on the DVD!
  • Power-packed PARENT PAGES are on the DVD!

Help 4th - 6th graders OWN their faith...

Somewhere between leaving childhood behind and treading wide-eyed into the teenage years lurk a thousand bewildering questions. Preteens need the truth. Grapple helps them find it—and build a relationship with Jesus that'll last.

In this tween Sunday school curriculum, kids will grapple with these questions:

Relationships: Boy Meets Girl

  • Are We Really That Different?
  • Why Can't We Just Be Friends?
  • What's Really Okay?
  • What Was God Thinking?

Faith Questions: What's the Big Deal About Sin?

  • Am I Really a Sinner?
  • Is It Really Sin if You Don't Know It Is?
  • Can I Do Something So Bad It'll Keep Me Out of Heaven?
  • If I'm Forgiven, What's the Big Deal About Sin?

Choices: What Really Matters?

  • Is Being Liked What Matters?
  • Is Being Right What Matters?
  • Is Being the Best What Matters?
  • Is Being Happy What Matters?

This Bible study for tweens—based on real questions asked by real 10- to 12-year-olds—will grab their attention and won't let go. Kids will learn how to search the Bible for answers and build a faith foundation that guides their relationship with Jesus.

Note: Accessing Parent Pages and customizable lessons requires a computer with a DVD reader.

112 pages

5.5" x 7.75" softcover

This Grapple Pak gives you:

  • 12 irresistible Bible studies that encourage kids to explore the truth with their heads and their hearts (lessons are customizable and reproducible).
  • 3 thought-provoking videos to get your preteens thinking and talking.
  • 3 countdown videos.
  • 12 Grapple Dares that challenge kids to apply what they've learned.
  • 12 Parent Pages you can customize or send as is.
  • 12 outrageously fun games preteens will love!

Being a preteen may not be easy. But it can be a rich time of faith growth. Discover God's truth together with kids. Give them a faith that soars!

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