Buzz Mini-Kit: Flip Flops (Pre-K & K)
Item 9781470704681
3 Bible stories about when Jesus walked on earth
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In this mini-kit, pre-K and K kids will walk with Jesus through his life on earth along with the crowds who follow him, the friends who saw him glowing on a mountain, and the friends who saw him alive again! Best of all, they’ll learn to walk with Jesus each day of their lives.

Buzz makes Sunday school fun for kids because they experience the Bible in ways that fit their learning styles—reading, acting, drawing, listening, singing, playing a game, and more. And kids stay fully engaged because they make their own choices throughout the lesson.

Plus, Buzz teaches kids about God in ways they’ll remember. As kids dig into the Bible with creative activities, they’ll soak up life-changing lessons that really stick. They’ll build relationships with each other, watch for God Sightings, apply Bible truths to their lives, and pray for each other. Parents get involved, too. With the unique Faith Buzz at Home, moms and dads grow in faith with their children.

Help your kindergarteners discover, week after week, just how amazing God’s truth really is!
  • Includes three dynamic lessons.
  • Everything you need is in this kit—even the fun gizmos.
  • Experience the most innovative Sunday school on the planet!

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD--this contains a small part, small ball or marble. Not for children under 3 years.
If you like this mini-kit, then you’ll LOVE….
BUZZ, the INSTANT Sunday school—all you prepare is your heart!
Volunteers love it because it’s easy. Kids love it because it’s different every week. YOU’LL love it because…
o   Buzz is perfect for busy volunteers. Since all they prepare is their heart, you’ll never burn them out.
o   Buzz keeps kids’ attention with Bible stories they haven’t heard before—those less often told but just as memorable. Children learn in their own style, and they choose which way the lesson goes.
o   You simply open the box and go. Teachers follow the lesson step by step, experiencing God’s Word together with the kids.
Group’s Buzz gives you everything you need to be a super success. And best of all, you’ll bring kids closer to Jesus!
5 AGE LEVELS: Preschool-Grade 6
FORMAT: Classroom setting
LENGTH: 30 – 60 minutes

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