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By Kurt Johnston and Friends

Imagine summarizing your life in just four photos--four images that would explain your strongest beliefs, your truest character, your deepest desires. What four pictures would you choose?

That's the kind of big-picture perspective you'll get from Snapshots, a four-week sermon series highlighting four themes that will give your students a clear, accurate understanding of who Jesus Christ really is.

Week 1: Jesus the Human
Week 2: Jesus the Shepherd
Week 3: Jesus the Rebel
Week 4: Jesus the Savior

It's important for teenagers to understand as much about Jesus as they can, especially if they're followers of Jesus. But this series will also engage the hearts and minds of students who are beginning their investigation of Christianity or simply want to encounter the real Jesus of the Bible.

These four sermons can't examine every truth and every detail about Jesus or about following him, but they will give your students a solid foundation for understanding what being a Christian is all about.

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By Wiers
Pella, IA
December 09, 2015
"Everything I normally would do myself (making powerpoint slides, creating graphics for the series) is already done! And having mp3s for every WEEK?! What is this - Christmas?! YES PLEASE!"