Totally Infatuated
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By Jacqueline Pierre

Maybe the Bible intimidates you or bores you. Maybe it feels old, ancient, outdated, irrelevant.

Maybe it's time for another look.

Jacqueline Pierre is a teenager who understands what it means to discover a fresh perspective on the Bible. Her life has been transformed through her obsession with God's Word. She's your guide for this journey through the pages of Scripture, as she reveals why she's totally infatuated with God's Word.

Scripture speaks to your life——your school-going, sports-participating, friend-texting, goal-setting, future-dreaming life. The Bible will bring you peace and purpose, value and victory, success and strength. Expect great things to happen as you dive into God's Word and pursue the treasure of life-changing truth inside its pages.

Let the Bible captivate you. Let God transform you through its truths. Let a new chapter in your life begin.

While supplies last!
May not be available in Canada.
63 pages
5" x 7" softcover

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By The funny girl
Orlando, FL
December 08, 2015
"I really love this book, it helped me to learn even more about God and his word, and the people that he used to share his word with the world."
By whiskers the softball star
December 08, 2015
"she definitely knows how to write to middle schoolers. she is an incredible writer, a truly God given gift."