Urban Ministry from Start to Finish (download)
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How to develop and maintain a balanced and life-changing urban youth ministry
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By Jeffrey Wallace
Building a dynamic, healthy youth ministry is never easy. Pursuing that goal in an urban setting presents its own unique blend of challenges and opportunities.

Jeffrey Wallace understands those challenges and opportunities. He's been the youth pastor at an urban church in Decatur, Georgia, for more than a decade, and he's discovered that urban youth ministry isn't a sprint-it's a marathon. Success usually doesn't happen overnight; it happens over time.

Urban Ministry From Start to Finish is stuffed with ideas, insights, and innovations that will add structure, excitement, and flavor to your ministry and keep your students coming back week after week. This resource is divided into two parts:
Part 1: Strategy and Structure
This section guides you through the "big picture" questions vital to building a vibrant urban ministry. How do you construct a solid foundation? What's the vision for your ministry? Who's in your target audience? How do you build a healthy team of adult volunteers and student leaders?

Part 2: Tools and Resources
This section delivers all the forms, applications, sample job descriptions, creative examples, and other material that will save you tons of time. Use them as-is or customize them for your ministry. They're all yours.

Urban Ministry From Start to Finish will help you assemble the right structure to fit the culture of your community and church, and it will empower the right leaders to fulfill your mission and to do the work of the ministry.

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Jeffrey Wallace has served in local youth ministry for over a decade and brings a fresh and relevant approach to effective and healthy purpose-driven urban youth ministry. He is the President & CEO of Front Line Urban Resources, Inc, which focuses on training and mentoring other urban youth pastors and leaders and providing life-changing youth ministry resources, and founder of Simply Urban Ministry. He also serves as Pastor of Youth Development at Peace Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia.

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