10-Minute Moments - The Red Stuff: Exploring the Words of Jesus Ten Minutes at a Time
Item 9780764463006
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by Scott Rubin

If you've got 10 minutes (and I bet you can find them lying around), then you've got enough time to hang out with God.

10-Minute Moments: The Red Stuff is a 31-day devotional and journal that gets you into the words of Jesus - aka "The Red Stuff" - and keeps your spiritual journey on the path. You'll take a look at a short passage, spend a few minutes thinking about it, answer a few questions, and then get some ideas for prayer.

It's totally portable - do 'em on the bus, in the car, or in your room - and easy to understand.

Scott Rubin is the junior high pastor at Willow Creek Church outside of Chicago and has been on the staff there since 1991. The ministry he leads at Willow Creek is called Elevate. He's had a blast writing a few youth ministry resources and encouraging other middle-school ministers to explore what God can do in their ministry.

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