99 Thoughts about Girls: For Guys' Eyes Only
Item 9780764462320
By Katie Edwards with Kurt Johnston


While this book doesn'’t claim to unlock the deep, unfathomable mysteries of the female mind, it will give tons of helpful insights into what makes teenage girls tick.

And who better to lead you on this adventure than Katie Edwards, a teenage girl herself once, and now a youth worker with tons of girl-brain-decoding experience. Her trusty sidekick on this expedition is Kurt Johnston, whose sidebars chime in with extra info.

With short, easy to digest essays on a variety of topics, it’'s perfect for teenage guys trying to figure out that special girl (or the girl they wish was that special girl), youth workers and parents alike.

Topics include:
  • The World of Girls
  • Being Friends With a Girl
  • What Girls are Looking For In a Guy
  • I know my gender can be confusing at times, …just go with it.
  • And many, many more
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