99 Things Every Girl Should Know
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By Neely McQueen

Being a teenage girl has never been easy. In today's world, it's even more complicated.

In her book 99 Things Every Girl Should Know, veteran youth worker Neely McQueen shares a wealth of wisdom on becoming and being a girl who knows that she is valuable, meaningful, and loved.

That isn't the message many girls receive from our culture. We live in a world that says we're only valuable, meaningful, and loved if we look a certain way, dress a certain way, and behave a certain way. God has a different opinion.

With a little help from her friends, Neely shares thoughts that would have helped her better survive the teenage years. These pages are filled with encouragement, inspiration, and insights that will help the girls in your youth ministry-or other girls in your life-explore their beauty, their worth, and their world.

Put this book into the hands of a girl who will benefit from the reminder that she's not alone in the journey of discovering what it means to be a beautiful girl of great worth.
Neely is married to a surfer/pastor and is the mom of three super-cool and cute kids. She's been spending her extra time with teenage girls for the past 15 years at the mall and at church. She thinks they are super-fun and, even more, have what it takes to make a huge impact for change in the world.

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