Refuel Sermon Series (download)
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By Doug Fields

Running on empty--it's more than a classic song from the '70s. It's the way many Christians describe their spiritual lives. We have our spiritual checklists. We gauge our spiritual growth by all the things we do and accomplish and pursue. We think we're growing because we're busier than ever.

Yet deep down inside, we feel empty and tired and dry. Somewhere along the way, we bought into the lie that Christianity is more about "doing" than "being." But you and I don't have to live life on empty.

In this three-week Refuel sermon series, Doug Fields will guide you and your students to a new kind of spiritual experience--one rooted in building an up-close, spiritual, and intimate relationship with God.

Doug delivers wisdom and practical advice on something we can STOP and something we can START--not with the goal of creating a longer checklist of spiritual obligations but helping us refocus on what's truly important to refueling spiritually.

Each week, Doug challenges our thinking on healthy spirituality:
Week 1: It's Not What You Think
Week 2: It's Easier Than You Think
Week 3: It's So Much Bigger Than You Think

Help your teenagers avoid--or escape from--the performance trap. And if you're caught in that trap, too, make a bold escape with your students!

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