Family Faith Celebrations: Baby Blessing Kit
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A parent's guide for influencing your child's faith for a lifetime.
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What are Family Faith Celebrations?
Family Faith Celebrations are a lifelong pathway for church and parents to partner in the spiritual development of children—from birth through high school. Together, your church and families celebrate the moments a child or teenager publicly marks his or her journey with God. Each Family Faith Celebration contains three important elements...
  • A Family Time Together training session —to help families draw close to each other--…your church--and God.
  • An All-Church Celebration —that you can adapt or use as is.
  • An At-Home Celebration —a powerful, memorable time families can enjoy with friends and family in the intimacy of their homes.
Family Faith Celebrations: Baby Blessing
The first faith milestone for a family is the Baby Blessing. At Family Time Together, parents learn how to become primary faith influencers for their children. During the All-Church Celebration, the church commits to partner with the parents in the faith development of their child. The birth of a baby is the perfect time to draw families into your church as you come alongside them to celebrate and remind them that God -and your church -will love and support them throughout their entire parenthood journey.
Kits come with...
  • Leader Guide - complete, step-by-step instructions for leading the Family Time Together session and All- Church Celebration.
  • Media Pack - top-quality DVD for your Family Time Together Training Session with parents. Plus, customizable templates for the All-Church Celebration slideshow, parent blessing, and invitations.
  • Parent Guide sample - everything parents need for the Family Time Together training session. Plus, an outline for planning a special At-Home Celebration.
  • Milestone Memories Frame sample - featuring a commemorative certificate; all you need to do is add a photo.
  • All About Family Faith™ Celebrations Booklet - FREE BONUS that explains from a biblical viewpoint the importance of celebrating faith milestones. This booklet is your best resource to help families understand Family Faith Celebrations in your church!

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Q: I would like to have a copy of one lesson of this material. I really don't understand exactly how it works. I want to uses a material like this in our Family project this year, but hardly understand exactly what the material is for. Thanks for your help.
Asked : Jan 13, 2018
By : Ligia, United States
A: Family Faith Celebrations were created to celebrate milestones in our families. There will be a Training Session for church leaders to have with families with new babies. Then the church as a whole will have and all church celebration with those families, and then there will be an At Home time the family will do in their home with their family and friends. We do not have a sample lesson available, but I will email you later today with an attachment that gives you an overview of how the Family Faith Celebrations work.
Answered : Jan 15, 2018
By : Robin
Q: I need about 20 of the Family Faith Celebrations: Baby Blessing Parent Guide? Do you have any in stock? I work at a church and we are looking to purchase 20 copies of just the parent guide baby blessings book. Do you have any in stock? I can be reached at
Asked : Apr 11, 2017
By : Monica, United States
A: The Baby Blessings Parent Guide is no longer available. These items are being phased out at this time.
Answered : Apr 11, 2017
By : Robin

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