Take-Out Training for Teachers
Item 9780764430800
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By Group Publishing with Keith Johnson

Make your training goals a reality without scheduling a single meeting–and with minimal prep-time. 52 engaging training sessions draw the most out of your teachers with principles they can apply immediately. With these 15-minute (or less) training sessions, you will help your volunteers to:
  • Prepare their hearts and minds to be effective teachers,
  • Stay composed when things don't go as planned,
  • Use creativity in the classroom, and
  • Build relationships with children—and help them grow closer to Jesus.

  • You will get complete sessions covering the 10 most critical training needs for teachers with:
  • An audio CD with 16 real-life training stories (three minutes each) – providing great tips to help teachers take their abilities to the next level,
  • Rights to make copies of the audio CD to give to your leaders, or to record in a voice mail, or to place in audio form on your web site.
  • A second CD with the text of the entire book, and
  • Pre-written e-mail encouragements for volunteers—just hit "send" for quick and effective tips to motivate and affirm volunteers.
  • Make as many copies of either CD as you need—just hand these out to all of your teachers. What a gift!
  • One book that covers everything! (No participant books required.)
  • Compared to the number of volunteers you wanted to have attend your last training session, how many actually attended?
    The toughest part of teacher training is getting volunteers to actually attend training sessions. But that’s nothing against the training you try to provide.
    Volunteers hardly have time to attend training events. Your teachers are busy taking one child to soccer practice and another to a baseball game, helping their children with homework, attending PTA meetings, and preparing to lead a small group later in the week. And that could be in just one night!
    And somewhere in that hectic schedule, your teachers have to figure out how to get some food into their families, too. The solution? Takeout.
    Your teachers love to be trained, but there’s no way a one-hour, sit-down training session fits into their schedules. So why not give them training in the same way they hunt their food? Takeout!
    Just like takeout dinners, Takeout Training for Teachers is a quick and easy way to fill and energize your teachers. They may not be able to attend a training session, but even your busiest teachers can find 15 minutes to develop their skills while waiting for a child to finish up at soccer practice or for a PTA meeting to begin.
    Takeout Training for Teachers focuses on challenges teachers report facing in classrooms like those in your church:
    Lesson Preparation: Preparing lessons that are on target—all the time.
    Personal Preparation: Preparing the most important part of a lesson—their hearts.
    Managing Expectations: Navigating expectations—and staying motivated and effective.
    When Things Don’t Go as Planned: Being prepared for—and preventing—problems.
    Creativity in the Classroom: Creatively engaging kids—all the time.
    Building a Relationship With a Child: Safely and effectively building friendships with kids.

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