Show Me! Devotions for Leaders to Teach Kids
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By Susan L. Lingo

Here are 52 devotions your kids will love sharing with their friends! Amazing science tricks, nifty sleight-of-hand monkeyshines, and convincing illusions. Here are the "Oh, Wow!" stunts kids love -- and love sharing with their families and friends.

But it's fun with a purpose: Each stunt illustrates an important Bible truth! These are devotions with a twist: You'll share them with your kids so your kids can share them with others! Just set up a quick and easy classroom demonstration, and your kids will take it from there...because some things are just too much fun to keep to yourself!

"Show Me!" Devotions are simple enough for an all-thumbs 1st-grader, but slick enough to intrigue a playground of 5th-graders who'll stop for the show -- and hear about Jesus.

While supplies last!
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120 pages
7" x 10" softcover
Everyone seems to offer devotions, but why? What’s the big deal about devotions?

It’s true that nearly every Christian education program offers a variety of devotions in addition to Bible stories and lessons. And there is a vast difference between stories, lessons, and devotions. Where stories and lessons teach about biblical circumstances, events, and people, devotions teach Christian values that are put into life practice. You can think of the difference as this: As lessons are to the mind, devotions are to the heart. A solid balance of biblical stories, lessons, and devotions rounds out Christian education. If any one element is missing, so is the fullness of God’s Word!

So how is this devotional book different from others?

"Show Me!" Devotions for Leaders to Teach Kids is very different from the standard repertoire of children’s devotions. These are devotions that kids learn to present. In all my classroom years as both a Christian and secular schoolteacher, the single most valuable teaching tool I’ve run across! Willing, ready, and motivated, peer-teachers often reach kids whom adults cannot. Yet some teachers, whether from vanity or a need to control, think children have no place as educators. Balderdash! Everyone has a lesson to teach as well as a lesson to learn, and children are no exception.

"Show Me!" Devotions is geared to teach kids to show other kids, who will show others, and so on and so on. What a great way to spread God’s Word and build kids’ self-esteem! And what a break for teachers! Seeing kids take responsibility for part of their learning is exciting and rewarding for teachers, kids, and parents. "Show Me!" Devotions offers kids not only snappy, eye-popping devotions, but the opportunity to serve others through teaching and sharing God’s Word.

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