No-Miss Lessons for Preteen Kids
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Face it: Kids are growing up faster these days... Topics once whispered in junior high locker rooms are no big deal on 5th- and 6th-grade playgrounds these days. Kids face tough choices sooner than ever before.

These active-learning, attention-grabbing lessons keep you a step ahead of your kids — and make sure you prepare them for what's coming. You'll help your kids grow in their faith...handle relationships...make good choices...and even serve others. Your kids are growing up fast. Make sure they're growing the right direction with No-Miss Lessons for Preteen Kids.

This book prepares you to prepare preteens to make ethical, moral choices, and to share what they learn with:
  • 25 complete lessons using hands-on discovery, short, easy to plan field trips, activities, and games, plus
  • A BONUS: 25 fun Service Projects to get kids acting on what they believe.
  • 111 pages
    8.5" x 11" softcover

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    Q: How long is each session designed to take? Is each session designed to be 1 hour? Less?
    Asked : Jun 19, 2018
    By : Leanne, Sk Canada
    A: Each lesson is roughly 45-60 minutes.
    Answered : Jun 19, 2018
    By : Samantha
    Q: What are the features for this product? What is the scope and sequence? Lesson titles? Can we get a downloaded sample
    Asked : Sep 08, 2016
    By : Kerrill, Newark, Ohio
    A: 22 lessons with a section of bonus ideas for preteen kids. Section 1 has 6 lessons on Faith Foundations, section 2 has 4 lessons on Free to be me, section 3 has 4 lessons on Forever Friends, section 4 has 4 lessons on fears and choices in my world, section 5 has 4 lessons on finding my place and section 6 is the bonus section with mission and service projects. I'm sorry we do not have a sample of this item.
    Answered : Sep 08, 2016
    By : Samantha

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