Life Hurts God Heals
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By Doug Fields, John Baker, and Megan Hutchinson

Right now, there are students in your youth ministry who are desperately hurting from the pain of a broken home, struggles with depression, abusive relationships, and more.
Life Hurts God Heals is a completely comprehensive resource you can use to launch and run a ministry specifically to bring healing to these students. It includes all the curriculum you will need for leaders and participants, as well as all the behind the scenes stuff to help with everything from recognizing danger signs in teens to how to get this program up and running in your church.
Included are:
  • 16 practical resources on starting a Life Hurts God Heals ministry
  • DVD with student testimonies about the Life Hurts God Heals program
  • Leader Guides in PDF and Word formats
  • Student Workbooks (13 lessons) in PDF and Word formats
  • Eight 30-minute sermons by Doug Fields in MP3 format
  • Teaching transcripts of each sermon
  • Student devotionals and journals
  • Follow-up support group study
  • Promotional materials, including sample parent letters, brochures, calendars, and more
  • Administrative materials, including welcome signs, consent forms, graduation certificates, and more

  • Every element of this resource with the exception of the student testimonies is completely open for you to reproduce and edit for use in your ministry. We want you to be completely empowered and as effective as possible as you reach out to your students in need.

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    Q: Can you use this with adults or is there an adult version? I have used this with an older teen (1-on-1), but have a several adults who need something similar that doesn't have a lot of
    Asked : Jul 24, 2017
    By : Howie, Columbia, SC
    A: We have a couple of ideas for you. You could use Life Hurts God Heals with adults—you'd simply have to adapt it as you go and since it sounds as if you have used it with Teens, you are familiar with the content. The other resources that came to mind are our LifeTree Small Group Studies. Specifically Authentic Forgiveness, item number 9781470726850 or Finding Hope When Challenges Come item number 9781470720483 . Each of these contains 4 one hour sessions that are video-based. No leader guide or participant guide is required for these two programs. Each session features a real-life story related to the topic, a deep Bible connection, and on-screen questions designed to draw group members into thoughtful discussion and bring them closer to each other--—and to God! Please let us know if you have any other questions.
    Answered : Jul 25, 2017
    By : Robin
    Q: We offer this course on an ongoing basis -- is it possible to use the picture/graphic on our website? Just clarifying how we can make people aware of this helpful course in our community.
    Asked : May 04, 2017
    By : Greg, Rochester, NY
    A: Please contact our Permissions Department via email at They can clarify for you any copyright restrictions or permissions regarding this.
    Answered : May 04, 2017
    By : Robin

    Customer Reviews

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    By Ty B
    December 08, 2015
    "This is an excellent curriculum for youth groups to incorporate, whether they are recovery groups or regular youth groups."
    By P A
    December 08, 2015
    "Upon arriving to our new Youth Group, we realized something wasn't right. We were able to pick up on deep hurts and damaging lifestyles from many of our students. LHGH was an incredible experience that led our students-our Youth Group-down a path of healing and forgiveness. We celebrated the end of LHGH by having a Sunday morning, student-led Worship Service. I preached a message summarizing LHGH and challenging our congregation to seek Christ for their hurts. I thank God for this material."