Relationships by Design (download)
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By Chuck Bomar

Ah, college. When dating actually becomes serious, instead of just seeming like life and death. And even if your students aren't meeting their future spouse just yet, chances are they're looking at dating with an eye as to what they want their marriage to look like. So now is a great time to dig into God's love letter and explore how He designed relationships to work--both while dating and in marriage. Those interested in college ministry should not go without this collection of lessons.

Lessons by Chuck Bomar include:

God's Design for Marriage
  • Origin of Marriage
  • Plan for Marriage
  • Intimacy in Marriage
  • Purposes of Marriage

  • God-Given Roles in Marriage
  • Condition of Marriage Today
  • Male and Female - Equally Designed
  • Male and Female - Distinctly Designed
  • Ephesians 5:15-21 commentary -- setting the context
  • Ephesians 5:22-33 commentary -- an in-depth look
  • Further look at distinct roles
  • Understanding application in our context/culture

  • Dating Relationships
  • Introduction
  • Questions to ask in light of God's design
  • Questions to ask in light of God-given roles
  • Questions for personally preparing for marriage

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    Outlines in PowerPoint with additional backgrounds
    Promotional ecard, postcard, poster, and desktop background
    Relationships by Design-themed countdown
    Relationships by Design-themed motion background
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    Audio commentary on the series by Chuck Bomar

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