Simply Loved Elementary Buddy Video DVD - Quarter 2  
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A DVD featuring weekly Bible Memory Buddy videos for Simply Loved Elementary classes and 12 training videos for directors and volunteers.
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The Simply Loved Elementary Buddy Video includes weekly Bible Memory Buddy videos that make Sunday school fun, highlight important biblical truths, and transport kids out of the classroom and into God’s amazing story. Plus, this Bible lesson DVD features training videos to help your entire team be even more effective—and more awesome!

Here’s what you’ll find on these Sunday school lesson videos for kids:   

12 weekly Bible Memory Buddy videos presented by each unit’s lovable animal Bible Memory Buddy. Bible Memory Buddies help kids learn Bible truths in fun and memorable ways and share incredible animal facts about themselves. Why? Because kids LOVE animals, and they love to memorize cool animal facts. So, when you make the connection from animals to Bible truths, your elementary-age kids will remember important truths from God’s Word for years to come!  

12 training videos with tried-and-true tips designed to help you and your volunteers be your best at shining God’s love while making his Word come alive in kids’ lives. These children's ministry curriculum training videos are the same each quarter, but we include them on every DVD to make them easy to find and review. 

One Buddy Video DVD is included in every Simply Loved Elementary kit. Order extra Bible lesson DVDs for additional classrooms.

Simply Loved is a revolutionary Sunday school curriculum for kids that takes the complication out of recruiting, gathering supplies, and teaching lessons so you and your volunteers can get back to what matters most--helping kids learn to love God and each other.

To learn more about how Simply Loved makes Sunday school simpler for you and your volunteers--all while helping kids discover key Bible lessons--visit the Simply Loved website.

Videos included on this DVD:

  • Lesson 1— Joseph Annoys His Brothers– presented by Mack the Rhino
  • Lesson 2— Joseph Goes to Jail– presented by Mack the Rhino
  • Lesson 3— God Helps Joseph Interpret Dreams– presented by Mack the Rhino
  • Lesson 4— Joseph Forgives His Brothers– presented by Mack the Rhino
  • Lesson 5— Moses Is Rescued by Pharaoh’s Daughter– presented by Tina Termite
  • Lesson 6— Moses Talks to God at a Burning Bush– presented by Tina Termite
  • Lesson 7— God Spares the Israelites at Passover– presented by Tina Termite
  • Lesson 8— The Israelites Cross the Red Sea– presented by Tina Termite
  • Lesson 9— Jesus Is Born– presented by Guac the Iguana
  • Lesson 10— Jesus Calms a Storm– presented by Guac the Iguana
  • Lesson 11— Jesus Forgives the Thief on the Cross– presented by Guac the Iguana
  • Lesson 12— Jesus Comes Back to Life– presented by Guac the Iguana
Training videos included on this DVD:
For Directors:
  • What’s inside my kit?
  • What supplies do I need?
  • Will Simply Loved work for my church?
  • How does Simply Loved help me partner with families?
  • What digital resources are available in the Plus Digital kits?
For Volunteers:
  • What do I need to do?
  • What’s a Connect Crew?
  • What are Bible Memory Buddies?
  • Why do elements of the lesson repeat?
  • What if I can’t get through the lesson?
  • What can I do to really engage kids with the Bible story?
  • Should I really answer questions first?

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