FaithWeaver Friends Preschool Sound Effects & Songs CD - Winter 2020-21
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Contains sing-along music and special drama effects for a quarter's worth of FaithWeaver Friends Preschool curriculum.
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***Important Notice*** FaithWeaver Friends Sunday school curriculum will be discontinued following the release of the Spring 2021 quarter. For more details, CLICK HERE.

Make your preschoolers' joyful noise even more joyful with this quarterly Preschool Sound Effects & Songs CD that includes attention-keeping sounds and songs that enhance each week's Bible lesson.

One CD is included in the FaithWeaver Friends Preschool kit. Purchase extras as needed. The FaithWeaver Friends Preschool CD also makes great gifts for kids at the end of the quarter to remind them of what they learned.

Tracks for the Winter Preschool Sound Effects & Songs CD include:

  1. Theo’s Playhouse Week 1
  2. Theo’s Playhouse Week 2
  3. Theo’s Playhouse Week 3
  4. Theo’s Playhouse Week 3
  5. Theo’s Playhouse Week 4
  6. Theo’s Playhouse Week 5
  7. Theo’s Playhouse Week 6
  8. Theo’s Playhouse Week 7
  9. Theo’s Playhouse Week 8
  10. Theo’s Playhouse Week 9
  11. Theo’s Playhouse Week 10
  12. Theo’s Playhouse Week 11
  13. Theo’s Playhouse Week 12
  14. Theo’s Playhouse Week 13
  15. Make-It Week 4
  16. Learn-It Week 5
  17. Learn-It Week 6
  18. Learn-It Week 7
  19. Learn-It Week 8
  20. Learn-It Week 10
  21. Learn-It Week 11
  22. Jesus Came
  23. Praise Him
  24. Let All the Children (Matthew 19:14)
  25. Do Ya?
  26. We’re a Circle of Friends
  27. Welcome to FaithWeaver Friends® Preschool!

FaithWeaver Friends® is the perfect midweek, evening, or anytime children’s ministry program to build faith and friendships. Every FaithWeaver Friends gathering is designed to be interactive and multi-sensory. In small groups called Circles of Friends, kids travel to unique Discovery Centers designed to deepen their friendship with God and with each other.  Plus, they put Christian service into action through quarterly service projects that get kids living out their faith.

Learn more about FaithWeaver Friends here.

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