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Hands-On Bible Curriculum Toddlers & 2s Extra CD – Winter 2020-21
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This audio CD is full of great music and sound effects that go along with the Winter 2020-2021 quarter of the Hand-On Bible Curriculum Toddlers & 2s lessons.
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The Winter 2020-2021 Hands-On Bible Curriculum Toddlers & 2s CD includes all the great Sunday school songs and sound effects needed to lead memorable moments in your Hands-On Bible Sunday school lessons. One copy of this CD can be found in the Toddlers & 2s Winter 2020-2021 Learning Lab®. Get extra copies for additional class times or just to have an emergency copy on hand if needed.

Tracks for the Winter 2020-2021 Toddlers & 2s CD include:

  1. Welcome to Hands-On Bible Curriculum®
  2. Let’s Pick Up All Our Things
  3. God’s Special Book
  4. Away In a Manger
  5. Bright Star
  6. Sheep and Lamb Sounds
  7. My Special Friend
  8. Sharing Song
  9. Jesus Loves Us
  10. The Happy Song

Hands-On Bible Curriculum is a quarterly, age-graded curriculum for toddlers through 6th graders. Teaching as Jesus taught, Hands-On Bible Curriculum helps kids experience powerful connections between Scripture and everyday life by engaging all five of their senses. Watch as the Bible comes alive!

Learn more about Hands-On Bible Curriculum HERE.

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