Cozy Mountain Lodge Retreat Kit
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Where women find shelter in God.
The Cozy Mountain Lodge retreat program uses the security and comfort we find when we think of a mountain lodge to bring home Christian truths about making God our foundation, the protection Jesus provides, the importance of friendship, and more.
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This product is available May 1, 2018 - April 30, 2020

Cozy Mountain Lodge is a Christian women's retreat kit that uses the story of Ruth to remind women that God is their foundation. With this Bible-based retreat curriculum, women will develop a closer relationship with Jesus, and because it's focused on active participation--women will also develop stronger Christian friendships with each other.

This all-inclusive women's retreat kit provides all the resources needed to create a welcoming "mountain lodge" inspired experience full of friends and spiritual refreshment. No professional speaker is needed. Plus, the program is flexible for a one-day getaway or an entire weekend retreat. Cozy Mountain Lodge women's retreat kit is perfect for women's retreats, outreach and special events, and "girls-only" youth retreats.

At your Cozy Mountain Lodge women's retreat, participants will explore the Bible account of Ruth and Naomi. Through Bible study, small group discussion, worship, personal reflection, and Christian service, women discover…
- God is our firm foundation
- God gives us friends to support and encourage one another
- Jesus is our redeemer
- God is faithful and always there for us

This women's ministry resource includes easy-to-follow session scripts, worship music, planning guides, promotional materials, training, and more.

Great for women's groups and teen girls.
At your Cozy Mountain Lodge retreat, women find shelter and comfort in God as they explore the Bible account of Ruth and Naomi through a variety of activities, worship, discussion, quiet reflection, Christian service, and more. 
Here's a look inside each of the 7 sessions:
Session 1
Women will begin exploring the book of Ruth and discover that no matter what life gives us, we can all choose to make God our firm foundation.
Session 2
Women grow closer together through a time of laughter and gain insights on how to approach constant change in their lives using the Bible example of Ruth and Naomi. 
Session 3
Through Bible discussion, worship, and prayer women consider the importance of being surrounded by supportive Christian friends. 
Session 4
Women demonstrate love and compassion for those in need by making a hearty bean soup mix to gift to them. 
Session 5
Through the example of Boaz from Ruth 3, women consider what it means for Jesus to be our redeemer.
Session 6
Women grow closer to God through a quiet time of prayer and reflection that focuses on Psalm 23.
Session 7
In this celebratory final session, women will worship, read God's Word, and be affirmed by each other.
Every Cozy Mountain Lodge Women's Retreat kit includes…
1 Director Guide 
Makes preparation simple. Includes planning guide, supply list, who to recruit, and more women's retreat ideas! 
1 Media Pack 
Includes a training & promotional DVD, graphics CD-ROM, and instrumental music CD. This media pack provides you with video training for your volunteers, plus professionally produced retreat commercials. The CD-ROM gives you ready-to-use themed clip art, registration tools, publicity items, and more. 
1 Worship Leader Guide 
Easy-to-follow directions for leading worship at your Cozy Mountain Lodge women's retreat. 
7 session leader guides 
Complete with supply lists, and step-by-step instructions to make leading comfortable. 
1 sample of each of the following participant items
Participant guide, pendant, cabin kit, music CD, pen, and tote bag.

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By Debra Sims
Pleasant Hill, MO
April 28, 2019
"I just attended yesterday a women's retreat that used the Cozy Mountain Lodge from this site. It was fun and inspiring for everyone there. I was not one of the leaders in charge, just an attendee, so I can't speak for the ease of use, just on the finished presentation. I highly recommend it!"