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God Sighting Sail Stickers
Item 1210000305459
Package of 25 sheets
Package of 25 sheets
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Each day at Castaway Sing & Play, Crews share their God Sightings. Starting on Day 2 they'll add a God Sighting Sail Sticker to the Rescue Raft at the front of the set. As the sail gets mended, kids will have a reminder of the way Jesus shows up to rescue us in everyday life. The God Sighting Sail Stickers are 5 in. x 4 in. One package is enough for 25 Crews for the week.

Package of 25 sheets

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Q: How many stickers are there on one sheet? Its says there are 25 sheets, but not how many are on one sheet. Thanks for any help.
Asked : May 09, 2018
By : Kristy, Texas
A: There are four stickers on each sheet. You start the God Sightings on Day 2 of the Shipwrecked VBS.
Answered : May 09, 2018
By : Robin

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