Walk With Jesus Collector Cards
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25 sets of 5 cards
25 sets of 5 cards
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Guests get one beautiful Collector Card at every station, for a total set of five. Each Collector Card expresses Jesus' love for us in a unique way and gives guests instructions for each experience. The Collector Cards are key to the Walk With Jesus event, so ensure you have enough for every person you're expecting.
25 sets of 5 cards

You'll need 1 card per guest per station.

Available through Easter 2019

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Q: What is on the back? Can you show the backside of a card? Is it only instructions (which I don't foresee being read by participants) or is it set up more like a "cheat sheet" with what they need to know or what? How is it essential?
Asked : Feb 15, 2018
By : Linda, FL
A: Each Collectors Card will have a brief description of the station they are in and help guide them through the experience they will be participating in at that station. There are also questions that they will use to talk about in their family or small group that they are traveling through the event with. It is also a tangible way to make sure they have gone through all the stations and did not miss anything.
Answered : Feb 15, 2018
By : Robin
Q: Will this item be available in the future? Is there a date when the Walk with Jesus Collector Cards will be in stock?
Asked : Feb 05, 2018
By : Kathy, Virginia
A: These are now available to order. Please call our Customer Support team at 1-800-447-1070 option 1 to order.
Answered : Feb 06, 2018
By : Robin

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