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KidVid Stories: Rescued by Jesus DVD
Item 1210000303158
Real kids. Real stories. Real God.
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Real kids. Real stories. Real God. Each segment of this inspiring DVD introduces a modern kid who has seen Jesus’ powerful help in their life. Awesome—and inspiring!

Included in your Shipwrecked VBS Starter Kit.

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Q: Is this KidVid DVD also used for the preschool classes, or is there a different DVD for them? Our kit only came with one KidVid DVD, but we'll need one for both elementary and preschool (last year we received one for each in our kit). Is there a separate one for Preschool that possibly wasn't included in our kit?
Asked : May 31, 2018
By : LCasten, Naperville, IL
A: The Preschool KidVid Cinema will use the same DVD as the Elementary. We have only ever included just one DVD in the Starter kit. If you have the Plus Digital Version of the Shipwrecked Starter kit, the USB drive will have the KidVid films available for you, or you can purchase a second DVD if you like.
Answered : May 31, 2018
By : Robin
Q: does the kidvid stories come in a Spanish? wondering if there are subtitles or if there is a voiceover with Spanish translation.
Asked : May 30, 2018
By : Jeri, Minnesota
A: We have a Spanish KidVid DVD item number 1210000306777 priced at $14.99. It is dubbed in Spanish.
Answered : May 30, 2018
By : Robin

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