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Castaway Sing & Play Download Card
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For your tech-savvy families! Includes all 10 Shipwrecked songs!
$4.99 - $6.99
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One cool code-activated card makes it possible to load all 10 Shipwrecked songs onto your favorite electronic audio device. A mighty tool for digital-native volunteers and a terrific take-home gift for families too. One download card valid for one device.

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Q: Greetings! If we purchase the cards in bulk, but do not sell all them to our families, are they returnable? Music Cards
Asked : Apr 17, 2018
By : Mary, United States
A: Yes, these are returnable as long as they are received as originally packaged and attached to the folded card. Please make sure they have not been activated. You will find the details of our returns policy at
Answered : Apr 17, 2018
By : Robin
Q: I don't understand what a download card is. I want to get all 10 shipwreck songs on my iPhone. Can't I just download them through ITunes or something? Are u selling an actual card I get in the mail? How do I get the songs on my phone with a card? I want to download the 10 shipwreck Songs to my iPhone. Are selling a card and I will get it in the mail? If so how do I use the card to get songs onto my iPhone? Why can’t I just download them from your site?
Asked : Apr 12, 2018
By : Carol, De
A: The Download card is a physical card that is shipped to you. Once you receive the card, on the back is a website and an activation code for you to use to receive the 10 song downloads. You have permission to download to one device. We do not offer instant downloads of the 2018 Vacation Bible School Music.
Answered : Apr 13, 2018
By : Robin

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