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Babylon Giant Decorating Posters
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Set of 6 posters
Set of 6
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It takes only seconds to totally redecorate your church with these impressive 36 in. x 60 in. Babylon-themed posters! Turn plain walls into six kid-friendly, panoramic scenes: 1) Babylon Logo; 2) Ostrich; 3) Ox & Gazelle; 4) Lion & Chameleon; 5) Palace & Boat; 6) Palace & Lion. Professionally created and designed for powerful visual presentation, these Giant Decorating Posters make an immediate impact. Use them everywhere!

Set of 6

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Q: How do I build the cardboard lion? There are holes in each of the two sides of the head. What do I use to hold them together and keep it on the body. Brad head are too small for the hole diameter and too short to reach through all 3 pieces
Asked : Jun 14, 2018
By : Wendi, MI
A: Please contact your VBS Specialist here at Group by dialing 1-800-447-1070 option 1 and asking for the Specialist for your state.
Answered : Jun 15, 2018
By : Robin

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