Made With Love Bracelet Kits
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The Made with Love Bracelet Kit is an essential part of the SeaSide Escape retreat experience. Be sure to get one for every participant.
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This product is available May 1, 2017 - April 30, 2019.

The Made with Love Bracelet Kit is used during session 6 of the SeaSide Escape retreat, and allows women create beautiful Bible promise bracelets to share with women in your community who are hurting. Each bead color symbolizes a message of hope and encouragement from God’s Word. This unique service project makes a real impact—and one that your participants will remember with joy.

Each kit contains enough beads and wire to create 10 bracelets.

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Q: On the Master Supply list it says that the beads for the Made With Love bracelets are 6 mm in size. I think that is an error? The beads in the kit are tiny seed beads. Please double check that for me. Thank you They might be size 6/0 seed beads? Please check with the manufacturer or supplier of the beads for me for the correct size.
Asked : Mar 07, 2018
By : CAB, Virginia
A: Our Vendor says they are a size 6 bead. The 6/0 sizing is a different measurement and it looks like that converts to 3.3 mm. The truly important thing is the specific colors. You can take the sample that came in your directors kit to your local hobby or craft store to verify sizes if there is still a question on sizing.
Answered : Mar 08, 2018
By : Robin
Q: Can you tell me the size of these beads. I may want to buy some extras.
Asked : Mar 05, 2018
By : CAB, Virginia
A: You will find the bead size is listed on the master supply list in your Seaside Escape directors guide along with all the other supplies needed for your retreat.
Answered : Mar 06, 2018
By : Robin

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March 12, 2018
"Our church loved the Seaside Escape Retreat. The bracelets turned out nice. There were enough beads. I was concerned there might not be. It takes about 22 of each of the 3 colors. Beads were not preportioned. We found 1/4 level tsp of each was about right. The memorywire needed precutting. We also premade one of the end loops to save time. We used a memorywire cutter ahead of the event and then1 roundnosed jewelery pliers per table of 7 to make the final loop.The pre cutting & measuring helped. "