One Hit Wonders (download)
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Seven stand-alone lessons.
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By Kurt Johnston

Got a week or two between series you need to fill? Maybe an odd loner week because of camp or some other scheduling conundrum? Use a One Hit Wonder and worry no more.

These seven stand-alone lessons are designed to help you save time between message series changes or when you need to plug in a quick talk.

Each topic includes an outline with leader notes, student handouts, and PowerPoint slides for a multimedia extravaganza.
7 lessons by Kurt Johnston:
What's Christmas To Me? — Different views on Jesus' birth
Risky Business — Take a dare for God
Oh, Hell! — What happens when I die?
Living Thanks — Making your life an offering to God
You Can Do It! — Discovering Your Ministry
The Dating Game — Some basic guidelines on when, who, and how
Can I Really Know? — Building assurances of our faith
KURT JOHNSTON has been in youth ministry since 1988 and currently leads the student ministry teams at Saddleback Church which include 10 local and 4 international campuses. In addition to his role at Saddleback, Kurt enjoys encouraging other youth workers and authored numerous books and resources with that goal in mind. When not doing church stuff Kurt enjoys spending time with his family, riding dirt bikes, surfing and sitting around camp fires.

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