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Digital Jump Start Pack

Includes early access to:

  • Ultimate Director Guide (pdf)
  • Decorating Jerusalem Marketplace Videos (mp4)
  • Decorating Jerusalem Marketplace Instructions (pdf)
  • Promo Video (mp4)
  • Logo (multiple formats)
  • Digital Jerusalem Marketplace Catalog

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Jerusalem Marketplace VBS Ultimate Starter Kit | VBS 2022

Starter Kit Options

Your Starter Kit comes filled with everything you need to start planning a truly memorable Jerusalem Marketplace vacation Bible school. The Ultimate Director Go-To Guide and Leader Manuals provide step-by-step instructions. Plus, you'll get student resource samples, volunteer resources, a Jerusalem Marketplace catalog packed with program products, and essential media tools.

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Your Jerusalem Marketplace Ultimate Starter Kit Includes:

Jerusalem Marketplace VBS Ultimate Director Go-To Guide

The Ultimate Director Go-To Guide contains everything you need to plan a successful program, recruit and train volunteers, publicize your program, and follow up with families after the big event.

Jerusalem Marketplace VBS Station Leader Manuals

Leader Manuals provide easy instructions for specific roles at your Jerusalem Marketplace VBS. Each manual includes an overview of each day's Bible content, historical backgrounds, step-by-step directions for each activity, and guided discussion questions.

Jerusalem Marketplace VBS DVDs and CDs

Helpful DVDs and CDs feature training resources, clip art, and marketing tools that make it easy to inspire and educate your church body. The Celebration Music DVD will have your kids in celebration mode all week long.

Jerusalem Marketplace VBS Student Resource Samples

Student Resources, including Bible Memory Makers and Marketplace crafts, will keep kids talking about Jerusalem Marketplace throughout their VBS experience and long after they leave your church event.

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Step back in time to where Jesus walked to the Cross

Smell the fresh, warm bread; weave a basket of reeds; make clay pots… Can you hear the music echoing through the Marketplace? Engage all senses as you transport your church to a different time and a fresh experience—and walk with Jesus today!

Friends at Jerusalem VBS 2022


the bustling town of Jerusalem.

Actors in the Jerusalem Marketplace

Meet "citizens"

& explore authentic traditions.

Kids coloring at Jerusalem Marketplace

See, hear, touch, & taste

what it might have been like to live during Bible-times!

How It Works

A Day at Jerusalem Marketplace

Catch a sneak peek of Jerusalem Marketplace! During our field test (at a real church) we followed a Tribe around to give you a firsthand look at what your kids will experience.

Jerusalem Marketplace Vacation Bible School 2022 Vertical Rotation Chart

Learn more about each station

Gathering Time at Jerusalem Marketplace Vacation Bible School

Start off with worship and celebration!

Opening Celebration

Group of kids at Tribe Time for Jerusalem Marketplace VBS

Small groups gather to map out the day's activities.

Opening Tribe Time

Boy at Marketplace Shops

Craft cool projects like Wooden Dreidels and Matzoh Covers.

Marketplace Shops

Group of kids and teacher at Synagogue School

Discover how Bible-times school was different from today.

Synagogue School

VBS kids playing games at Village Playground Jerusalem Marketplace

Play high-energy games like Ha 'Avarat Kadur and learn Jewish Dancing!

Village Playground

Seond Tribe Time

Experience authentic Jewish traditions and make connections to modern-day lives.

Closing Tribe Time

Closing Celebration at Jerusalem Marketplace Holy Land Adventure VBS

Wrap up the day with singing, dancing, and celebrating!

Closing Celebration

Daily Bible Content

Experiencing God's Word

At Jerusalem Marketplace VBS, you'll reinforce Bible truth in a big way because the daily Bible Point is carefully integrated into each activity. God's Word comes alive through engaging interaction with Bible history!

Select a day below to see the Bible content


Bible Point:

Jesus is King.

Key Bible Verse:

"Jesus Christ is Lord." (Philippians 2:11)

Bible Story:

Crowds welcome Jesus to Jerusalem. (Matthew 21:1-11)


Bible Point:

Jesus showed God's love.

Key Bible Verse:

"You should love each other." (John 13:34)

Bible Story:

Jesus shares Passover with the disciples. (John 13:1-17)


Bible Point:

Jesus loves us.

Key Bible Verse:

"Nothing…will ever be able to separate us from the love of God." (Romans 8:39)

Bible Story:

Jesus prays in the garden and is arrested. (John 17:1–18:11)


Bible Point:

Jesus died for us.

Key Bible Verse:

"God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us." (Romans 5:8)

Bible Story:

Jesus is crucified. (Luke 23:1-55)


Bible Point:

Jesus lives.

Key Bible Verse:

"Since I live, you also will live." (John 14:19)

Bible Story:

Jesus rises from the dead. (Matthew 28:1-10)


Transform your church into a Bible-times village

Take your whole congregation on a trip to the bustling town of Jerusalem without breaking the bank! Jerusalem Marketplace VBS is full of eye-catching architecture, vibrantly colorful textures, and thriving shops!


Meaningful Music — Kid-tested & Approved

One of the best parts about Holy Land Adventure Jerusalem Marketplace VBS—fun, faith-filled songs your kids will want to sing again and again!

Jesus, Jesus (Theme Song)

Love the Lord


King of Kings

Jesus Loves Me

His Great Love

Power in the Blood

All That I Am

Happy Day

Sing Unto the Lord