Rise Up With Jesus Easter Event

Lift up the true meaning of Easter!

Event Overview

Bring the first Easter morning to life...

At Rise Up With Jesus, families explore surprising details about Jesus’ resurrection on that glorious Sunday morning 2,000 years ago. Hand-in-hand, they’ll journey through captivating stations that drive home one irresistible truth: Jesus is alive today!

Rise Up With Jesus is:

Easy for you — and your volunteers. Everything you need to plan this 2-hour outreach event is in one convenient kit.

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So much fun that kids hate to leave! (Really…it happened at our field test!)

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A great way to reach your community.

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How it Works

Experience what happened that morning when Jesus conquered death.

Rise Up With Jesus station rotation chart: Families explore the stations in any order, collecting puzzle pieces at each station and receive the final piece at the climatic drama.

Stations Include:

Dark to Light Station Photo: A mom and her kids look intrigued as they examine a science experiment with a cup full of liquid.

Perform a chromatography science experiment that reveals the rainbow of colors hidden in darkness.

Dark to Light

A Dazzling Discovery Station Photo: A boy and girl grab some markers out of a basket at the Dazzling Discovery activity table

Decorate and then try on Super Specs that’ll reveal a dazzling new look at the world!

A Dazzling Discovery

Enter the Tomb Station Photo: A girl and boy with a blindfolds on strech out their hands to feel their way along a low wall inside the empty tomb.

Travel through Jesus’ tomb, learning about the sacrifice he made and searching for his body—only to find that it’s not there!

Enter the Tomb

Move the Stone Station Photo: Two boys work together to manuver a giant pillow 'stone' through an obsticle course.

Work together to complete a challenging obstacle course while moving a giant “stone” like the one in front of Jesus’ tomb.

Move the Stone

Rise Up! Station Photo: A young girl concentrates on the propeller of her High Flyer as she prepares to launch it.

Launch High Flyers at targets and discuss the truth that Jesus is alive.

Rise Up!

The Amazing Truth Station Photo: A little girl's jaw drops as she looks at how her writs band has changed before her eyes.

Discover how Jesus changes each of us, apply a Skin Decal, and check out the Incredible Changing Wristband.

The Amazing Truth

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During this 2-hour interactive event, families will experience the miraculous truth of what really happened that morning when Jesus conquered death. The sights, sounds, and smells of Easter morning will draw kids and families closer to God…and to each other!

Rise Up With Jesus Easter Event Kit Box

Starter Kit (Available December 2018)

Easy for you AND your volunteers!

Simple, step-by-step directions give you everything you need to plan a fun-filled Easter outreach event. This kit includes fun samples, media pack, and easy-to-follow guides for the director, setup and decorating, outreach, and leading the experiences at each of the stations.

Plus, you’ll find ideas on how to get families from your community to attend—and have them return after your event.

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