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Each resource below is carefully crafted to help grow spiritual in yourself and the teenagers you serve.

Spiritual Grit

Grit Book

Spiritual Grit offers an extensive menu of everyday life practices that Jesus modeled in his ministry. Without Jesus, grit is just a gimmick. With Jesus, grit can infuse the world—and our lives—with hope.

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Spiritual Grit Teen Devotional

Spiritual Grit
Teen Devo

The Growing Spiritual Grit for Teenagers Devo focuses on one person who’s really good at making you stronger: Jesus. And then it shares his techniques for building grit in your life. Through short prayer ideas, Bible notes, questions for you to think about, and things to try, you can begin growing your grit starting now.

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Spiritual Grit Devotional

Spiritual Grit

When life serves up challenges or draws you out of your comfort zone, it’s time to get gritty. Spiritually gritty.

These 52 devotions will help. They'll propel you into the risk of relying on Jesus and encourage you with stories of how others have gotten gritty in their own lives.

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Friend of God Discipleship Kit

Friend of God
Discipleship Kit

More than 75 percent of Americans have a distorted view of God's character that keeps them from being the disciples Jesus calls them to be.

Fortunately there's an effective way to bring them closer to him. Jesus modeled it through a process that's so familiar it's often dismissed.

That model is friendship.

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Watch and download the following videos featured in the Growing Spiritual Grit in Teenagers training.

LIVE Currciulum Logo

Live Curriculum

Youth ministry curriculum on the topics you love, plus the conversations and discovery teenagers need.

LIVE High School Curriculum

LIVE High School

144 lessons that speak into students' lives amid all the other voices and help them place Jesus at the center of everything.

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LIVE Junior High

LIVE Junior High

72 lessons to engage students in powerful conversations, Scripture exploration, and the development of healthy faith habits.

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LIVE 5th and 6th Grade

LIVE 5th and 6th Grade

72 Bible-saturated, Jesus-centered lessons to help preteens make the transition from Sunday School to Youth Group.

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LIVE Year With Jesus

LIVE Year With Jesus

36 Bible-saturated, Jesus-centered lessons to help preteens make the transition from Sunday School to Youth Group.

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Books, Devotionals, and Bibles

Resources created to help you and your teenagers grow in relationship with God and others.

Shepherds Watch Church Security Logo

Church Safety

How prepared is your youth ministry?

As youth ministry workers, we know you are dedicated to the safety and security of the teenagers in your care. That’s why you have first-aid kits, require signed medical forms for every trip, and may have even discussed lockdown scenarios.

But are you fully prepared for the most common challenges facing your ministry this week? Take our Youth Ministry Security Assessment to discover how prepared your staff and volunteers really are.

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Group U Online Training Logo

Online Training

Become the Kind of Leader God Created You to Be

Group U gives you everything you’d want in a ministry leader’s wish list — how to teach as Jesus taught, how to ignite your volunteers, how to manage change — the tools you need to transform your church culture into a dynamic, thriving community. And it’s all online, making it a flexible, easy, and affordable way to prepare yourself for a truly transformational career in ministry.

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Lifetree Adventures Mission Trips Logo

Mission Trips

Go to Serve. Come Home as Friends of God.

Group’s Lifetree Adventures mission experiences give you an unforgettable time of service AND discipleship. These one-of-a-kind adventures immerse your youth group in an epic journey into the heart of Jesus. Along the way you’ll respond with your hands and feet to love and serve God’s people, becoming transformed-for-life disciples.

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